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Art campaign/Burka mit art.

When art sets the feelings going

New picture exhibition by „Kunst an der Oste“ will be opened this afternoon in the Bachmann Museum of Bremervörde

Bremervörde (sj). An absolute must in terms of art awaits the visitors this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Bremervörde’s Bachmann Museum: On the occasion of the opening of the new picture exhibition of „Kunst an der Oste“ in the culture circle and home county, artist Kaikaoss offers an extraordinary climax: at the art performance „Emotions in motion“, feelings are set going. One of Kaikaoss‘ works of art, the portrait „The Afghan“, „comes to life“ in that the figures potrayed in it – represented by artists – „step out“ of the picture and seek direct „face-to-face“ contact with the viewers. Kaikaoss puts his work’s messages to the stage dramatically and artistically in a way that the viewer finds himself in the midst of one of the picture’s stratified realities. In this project, Kaikaoss works together with artists from the fields of music, dance and production. The portrait becomes an interactive adventure, the exhibit becomes a three-dimensional canvas. The viewers find themselves in the midst of the picture and in the situation of the two main figures and so become part of the „moving“ work of art. They experience this with all their senses, go on a „moving“ journey of feelings and perceive their „emotions in motion“. Following the event, the artist, in conversation with the guests, will bring about a highly informative exchange about his works, painting techniques and political backgrounds.