Kaikaoss, 2013
Kaikaoss, 2013


The painter Kaikaoss was born in Kabul in 1965. After school he received there his first  education in painting  and drawing. studied in Minsk at the art academy where he did his master of art.


His academic education together with his art experience which he was able to make in Europe, allowed him to develop a style of his own.


Since 1991 he lives and works as freelance artist in Cologne/Germany and  has taken part in many group or single  exhibitions in Europ, USA and Asian where he could present  his work.


A selection of important exhibitions:

2015   New York, No Sphere art, circle of fire
 2014  München
Egyptian Museum 2012  Museum House of Art Munich
Museum of Fantastic Art Wien
Cologne Cultural bunkers, exhibition and action art
Bremervoerde Bachmann Museum, exhibition and action art
2006  Paris,
International Art Exhibition ( Regarde fantastique)
Museum Kronberg
1999  2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 ,
International Parisian Autumn Exhibition