Jill Michels

The artworks of Jill Michels, a figurative painter and psychologist, feed off her numerous travels as well as the close link between art and the process of self-discovery and realization. She essentially crafts portraits of members of endangered cultures threatened by extinction. The minutiae and the care the artist pours into clothing details such as fur overcoats and different fabrics produce achingly realistic paintings. The omission of the subjects' faces creates an uncanny realm marked by the tension between the visible and the invisible. Hence the impression of density and volume suggested by the various garments contrasts with the void left by the absent bodies, thereby permeating the artworks with a certain sense of mystery. Here the Identity and Individuality are erased whilst their volouptous hulls become the characterists of these surrealistically tainted portraits.




2017 Sommersemester 2017 Freie Akademie der bildenden Künste, Essen, D

Unter der Leitung vom Künstler Bernhard Lokai,


2015-2017 Ausbildung “Expressive Arts Therapy based on movement ” LIFE/ART


PROCESS, Tamalpa Institute, California & Freiburg, D


2015 Intensivseminar “Düsseldorfer Ateliertage”, “Kunstakademie Allgäu”


Im Atelier vom Künstler Bernd Mechler, Düsseldorf,D


2014 Internationale Sommerakademie PENTIMENT, Kunstschule Hamburg


Im Atelier der japanischen Künstlerin Miwa Ogawara


2013-2017 Kunstkurse in der Kunstschule von Izabela Butroni in Mettlach, D


2009 Master II Klinische Psychologie, Université Paris 5 René Descartes, F


2004 Master I Kunststudium, Université Aix-Marseille I, F


2000 Baccalauréat en section artistique, Lycée Michel Rodange, Luxembourg




2019 : Gruppenausstellung « Imago Hominis 2019 - art brings people together », Art in Cologne, D


Einzelausstellung in der Bank Fortuna Mai – Juni, Luxembourg


Gruppenausstellung zur Eröffnung der Galerie Villa Collart in Steinfort, Luxemburg


2018 : Ausstellung “Get Inspired” Private Art Kirchberg, UBS Bank, Luxemburg


Exposition personnelle à la Galerie “A Spiren”, Luxemburg


2017 : Erster Preis der 9ten Biennale von Strassen, Luxemburg


2015 : Kunstausstellung in dem Haus Schauwenburg in Bertrange, Luxemburg


2013 : Gruppenausstellung der Malschule von Izabela Butroni in Sandweiler, Luxemburg